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Installing an August Smart Lock


Dec 2, 2021

This popular smart lock is an easy solution to upgrade your front door.

In a nutshell, The August Smart Lock is a wireless gadget that allows you to lock or unlock any door in your home using your smartphone. The August Smart Lock resembles an intelligent key. It can lock and unlock your door, create virtual keys for visitors, and monitor who comes and leaves in your home using its iOS or Android smartphone.

Like that of other August door locks, its mechanism links the existing deadbolt on the inner side of a door. You can still use your standard key if you utilize this arrangement. August released their first smart lock in May 2013. The lock featured a metal frame and was operated by Bluetooth 4.0 with a smartphone app.

Before you start,

Check a few items before separating anything on your door. Check that your door closes easily and completely. A smart lock will have a tough time calibrating and performing correctly if you need to give it a push or pull up or down on the hinges.

After you’ve done your door check-up, you may open the August box and get started. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with almost everything you need to install it yourself. All you’ll need is a screwdriver.

1. Install the app

 Install the August Home app on your iOS or Android device. Sign up or sign in to an existing one. Choose “set up a device,” then “set up a smart lock,” and finally the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. When requested, scan the QR code on the inside of the lock’s faceplate. You will be given installation instructions that you can follow step by step.

2. Take out your thumb latch

You will work on the inside of your door, where the August lock will be installed. Begin unscrewing the screws on each side of your lock’s thumb latch. Wrap a piece of tape over the front hardware to prevent the lock from collapsing when the screws are removed. Remove the thumb latch and look for the August mounting plate box.

The green adapter that was included fit my weakest deadbolt.

3. Attach the mounting plate and adaptor

The provided mounting plate features two adjustable screw holes, allowing you to move it to align with the deadbolt housing on your door. Screw the thumb latch screws into the front of the mounting plate and tighten them by hand until the plate is secure.

Next, select the appropriate adapter according to the form and orientation of your deadbolt’s tailpiece. August’s website offers a handy graphic for this, and the app will also provide information. Insert the adapter into the mounting plate and onto the tailpiece with the raised triangle forms pointing up.

4. Fasten the August Lock

It’s time to put the lock mechanism in place. Raise the side wing latches on the back of the August lock and slide the lock over the tailpiece, setting it to the mounting plate. Determine that the back of the lock is flat with the door. To secure the lock, close both wing latches.

5. Put in the batteries.

Press down the August logo to remove the magnetic faceplate and insert the two CR123 batteries. Replace the faceplate on the August lock with the logo at the bottom after removing the plastic battery tab while holding the batteries in place. Your lock is now installed, and you may continue setting it through the August Home app. Attach the bundled DoorSense sensors directly and follow the app’s instructions for calibrating door opening and closing distances.

My August Wi-Fi Smart Lock installation with the DoorSense sensor was done.

6. Complete the app’s configuration.

After you’ve completed the installation, you’ll need to calibrate your lock and link it to your home’s Wi-Fi. Tap “continue” to begin the calibration if you left the app open in the installation instructions area. Next, enter your network credentials to connect the lock to your Wi-Fi. After completing these two processes, your lock is ready to use. The August app provides additional options for naming your home and lock, as well as adding users and configuring features like an auto-lock and chime volume.

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