May 26, 2022

How to Enable or Disable TikTok Comments

There are many individuals ready to criticise and remark on your TikTok videos. But, if you follow this advice, you will be able to disable them. How can I activate or disable TikTok comments? We must maintain our privacy, and TikTok’s privacy and safety control features assist us in doing so. Follow these instructions to discover how to disable comments on TikTok.

Steps to Enable or Disable TikTok Comments:

1. Open your TikTok app:

On your Android device, look for a black icon with a white music note. It is the TikTok application’s icon. To open your TikTok application, tap on it.

2. Navigate to your profile:

To get to your profile page, tap the “Person” icon in the bottom right corner of the TikTok app’s main screen.

3. Tap the three horizontal dots:

To access the profile settings, in the top right corner of the Profile Page, tap the three horizontal dots.

4. Privacy and Settings page:

This page allows you to manage your privacy and security settings. You may manage your account by visiting the “Privacy and Settings” page. You can check and change your privacy settings at any time.

5. Select the Privacy and Safety option:

On the Privacy and settings page, under the “Account” section, you will find a “Privacy and Safety” option. Tap it to enable or disable TikTok comments.

6. Tap on the “Who Can Post Comments” option:

On the Privacy and Safety page, under the “Safety” section, you will see a “Who Can Post Comments” option. Tap it to manage who can leave comments on your posts.

7. Select from the list: 

You will now have three options from which to choose. If you don’t want anyone to remark on your TikTok video, select “Off.” You can then select an appropriate choice.

Method 2: You may also disable TikTok comments while uploading the video. To do so, follow the steps below.

1. Tap on the “+” button: 

To begin recording a TikTok video, tap on the “+” button located at the bottom of the TikTok application’s home page.

2. To begin recording, press and hold the red button: 

Tap the red button to start recording your TikTok video. You can also use effects to enhance your video.

3. Tap the tick mark to continue with the video: 

When you have finished making your TikTok video, tap the tick mark to continue with the video. You can modify and apply filters to your video.

4. Click the Next button:

After you’ve finished editing your movie, click the Next button to be taken to the uploading phase.

5. Turn on the toggle: 

A “Comments Off” option will appear. To deactivate the comments on your video, switch on the toggle. After this, no one will be able to comment on your TikTok video.

6. Tap on Submit: 

You can now post your TikTok video, and no one will be able to comment on it.

We must maintain our privacy, and TikTok never fails to provide us with features that allow us to do so. Disabling comments on TikTok is one such example. TikTok prioritises little things so that users never feel that they have violated their privacy.

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