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Solved: How to Delete a Peacock Account


Dec 13, 2021

How to Deactivate a Peacock Account: Peacock is an online video streaming portal that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and live news broadcasts. The web portal will enable you to create or change your account information, browse or search for videos, watch the video on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, and purchase a subscription plan to unlock additional content.

We have recently received requests from our website readers to remove their accounts from the Peacock Portal. After researching why customers are deleting their accounts from the Peacock website, we discovered that some users are not using the portal to watch TV Shows and Movies, which is why they want to remove their accounts.

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If you want to delete this account because of email spamming, we recommend that you mark the email as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email you received. If you have another reason, I will show you how to deactivate your Peacock account step by step.

Cancelling a free Peacock subscription and account is more complicated than it should be. However, it is possible if a user truly wishes to have their account and associated user information deleted.

Send an email to delete your account.

  1. Open your registered email account with the website.
  2. Now, draught an email and send it to privacy@nbcuni.com.
  3. Put “REQUEST TO DELETE MY PEACOCK TV ACCOUNT” in the subject line.
  4. Now, using the sample email for cancelling your account provided here, put your user-id, email address, and your reason for cancelling your account. Send your email and allow at least 30 days to receive a response.

Delete a Peacock account permanently.

There is a method to terminate a Peacock subscription totally. However, this is not one of those instances when you can simply cancel the free subscription and then click active again to have all of your accounts reappear. Instead, customers must completely erase their Peacock account, including any personal data associated with the account.

Essentially, cancelling the free Peacock subscription currently entails totally deleting a Peacock profile. Here’s how to go about it.

Getting rid of a Peacock profile

Although the service’s help pages provide a specific “How do I remove my account?” page (link), it is only somewhat helpful. According to the scant information available, deleting a profile requires subscribers to actively request that the company delete its information on file. While this is not unusual, the linkage of the free account complicates the procedure for individuals who simply want to quit being a Peacock subscription.

The FAQ page refers users to the company’s official privacy policy (link), which provides more information that may confuse specific customers. “U.S. residents interested in learning more about access or deletion requests should click here,” a line hidden within that homepage states, with a link to another page.

What to keep in mind when removing

If cancelling a free Peacock subscription wasn’t complex enough, it’s also vital to comprehend the consequences of such a decision. A successful request includes cancelling an active subscription and demanding that NBCU remove all consumers’ information. If the consumer wants to use Peacock TV again in the future, they will very probably have to re-enter the same information.

There is no guarantee that it will cancel the account, and if it is, it is immediately erased. Instead, this is simply a form that users can notify Peacock that they want the service’s information removed. As stated in the company’s privacy policy:

removing the Peacock account summary

In actuality, if you simply no longer wish to use Peacock TV, the most straightforward approach is to verify that the subscription is set to free, then uninstall the app and discontinue usage of the service.

While this isn’t ideal because it technically keeps the individual as a subscriber, albeit a dormant one, it is the most straightforward approach. There is no monthly cost if the user just discontinues utilising the service because the access level is free.

Those who prefer to cancel their Peacock account indefinitely must do so through NBCUniversal. Naturally, the company would be expected to comply with any local laws requiring them to honour a consumer request, and most likely to comply with any requests that it is not legally obligated to honour if asked, but that is not the same as simply hitting delete and knowing that a Peacock account has been deleted.

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Additional Questions and Answers

Is it possible to remove my Peacock account?

Please visit our Privacy Page by clicking here for instructions on erasing your Peacock profile. A request for personal information erasure may result in the loss of your plan and paid or unpaid accounts with Peacock, as well as your access to other NBC Universal brands and platforms.

How do I get Peacock to stop observing me?

Navigate to My Movies. Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) of the movie you want to remove from the Continue Watching queue. In the pop-up menu, choose “Remove from List.”

How do I get my credit card out of Peacock?

How to Change Your Peacock Payment Method

  1. You can also launch your Peacock app on your phone or television.
  2. Navigate to the Plans & Payments tab.
  3. Click the Update Payment Method link under the Payment Method section.
  4. Click the Switch to PayPal button to change your payment method.

How do I make changes to my Peacock account?

Now that you’re on Peacock’s home page click the Account button in the upper-right corner of your screen. You should be on the “Plans & Payment” page now. Locate the current plan you’re paying for and click the blue “Change Plan” button.

How do I modify my peacock email address?

You can modify your login email in your account: Navigate to Settings and then to Email Update. We will send a request to update your email address to the inbox of your existing account email address. Follow the instructions in the email to input your new Peacock email address.

How do I stop receiving Peacock emails?

In one of our emails, click the “unsubscribe” link. Sign in to your account and go to the Settings section. Toggle the “On” toggle to the “Off” position. It is important to note that you may still receive transactional or other communications linked to your account even after unsubscribing.

How do I manage my Peacock membership?

How do I access and manage my Peacock account? To update your email address, reset your password, or adjust parental restrictions, log in to your Peacock account at peacocktv.com/account.

What is the best way to unlink a peacock?

You can also unlink your account through the web by going to PeacockTV.com/account and selecting “Unlink Provider” from the Plans and Payments page.

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