May 26, 2022

What Is a Reddit Throwaway Account, and How Do I Make One?

Every post and comment you make on Reddit is linked to your user account. That’s usually fine, but what if you wish to post anonymously? That’s why a disposable account exists.

What Is a Throwaway Account, and How Does It Work?

A throwaway account is a one-time account that isn’t linked to your primary Reddit account. It’s possible that your regular Reddit account includes your name or makes you identifiable based on your posting history, which can be restrictive. You’ll need a throwaway account that can’t be identified if you want to ask a question or make a comment without anyone knowing it’s you.

Use a disposable Reddit account for the following reasons:

  • Financial issues are discussed.
  • Discussing private or humiliating issues
  • Inquiring about a potential employer’s working conditions
  • Any topic where you want to talk freely about something without being identified.

You can usually use an alias online. You might want to use a disposable account to post sensitive information. Internet detectives won’t be able to sift through all of your comments for clues to identify you.

Remember that having an anonymous account doesn’t mean you can’t say something that can be used to figure out who you are. Take care with the information you give out.

The term “throwaway account” is also applied to other types of online accounts, such as email and social media accounts, like online gaming accounts. It’s any account that isn’t your main account and is only used for a short period of time.

How to Make a Reddit Throwaway Account

Reddit accounts are free, and the number of accounts you can create is unlimited.

You can utilize your regular Reddit account while using a disposable account if you like. Simply open a private surfing (incognito) window, switch browsers, or switch browser profiles.

Go to Reddit and sign up using the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. You’ll have to sign out first if you’re already logged in.

Fill up your username and password. The username can change anything as long as it is unique; however, do not use a username that you have already used. Make sure you take a username that isn’t linked to your Reddit account. Some folks even name their accounts “throwaway.”

To establish an account, you don’t need to input an email address (more on that later), but you must check the CAPTCHA box before clicking the “Sign Up” button.

Click the “Finish” button after deselecting any subreddits that were selected for you.

With your new throwaway account, you’ll be able to access Reddit.

Is It Necessary to Include an Email Address?

You undoubtedly noticed that you didn’t include an email address when you created your account. You don’t need one, but you never know when you might need one.

If you forget your password and need to reset it, you’ll need to have an email address on file. If you don’t provide an email address, you won’t receive email alerts for comments or messages.

There are a few different ways to add an email address without using your real one.

Users of Gmail can establish a throwaway alias that directs emails to their primary mailbox. If you like, you can then add labels and filters.

You have the option of creating a completely new email address. Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo make it simple to create a new account.

Adding an email address can be useful, but leave it blank if you’re looking for the best in disposable Reddit accounts. If you want to receive notifications, download the Reddit iPhone or Android app and enable them there. If you are worried, use a password manager about forgetting your password.

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