May 26, 2022

How Do I Delete Spotify’s Recently Played Songs?

Spotify provides a useful feature that allows you to access the songs and playlists you’ve recently played. The “recently played” playlist, on the other hand, is not limited to you; anyone who follows you can view it. If you are private about your music tastes, this may feel like an invasion of your privacy. As long as you don’t mind deleting tracks from your recently played music, there’s no need to worry about this issue at all.

If you don’t want someone else to be able to view your “recently played” music or podcasts when they use your Spotify account to play music on the speaker, you can disable the feature. To do so, use Spotify’s desktop programs for Windows or Mac to remove your recently played songs. Please keep in mind that the feature to remove the Recently Played list is not available on the Spotify mobile apps or web player. However, removing the recent inventory on the desktop software clears your recently played list from all devices that utilize your Spotify account.

How can I erase recently played songs from the Spotify app?

By default, search queries on Spotify are only saved on the device in question. As a result, your entries may alter depending on whether you’re using a smartphone or a computer. You can erase the Spotify recently played playlists on your iPhone or Android smartphone by following these steps:

  1. Start the Spotify iOS or Android app.
  2. Tap the search icon at the bottom.
  3. Recent Searches displays the songs, albums, and playlists you have recently accessed via search.
  4. The music from the course gets erased when you hit the X on the right of an entry.
  5. Type below to delete the most recent developments to see all current results to delete.

How to Delete Items You’ve Recently Played on the Spotify Desktop App.

The Spotify app for Windows is the most acceptable option. Even if you have a registered profile, the entries on your smartphone may differ. Delete D and search history from the PC; they will remain on the phone. Proceed as follows:

  1. When prompted, sign in to your Spotify account using your PC’s browser.
  2. Choose “Now Playing” from the Now Playing menu in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  3. Click on “Recently Played” on the left-hand sidebar.
  4. All the songs, albums, playlists, and podcast episodes you want to delete from Recently Played can be found by right-clicking on any of them. And then select ‘Remove from your Liked Songs’ from the pop-up menu.
  5. The item(s) you chose have been deleted from your recently played list.
  6. Unfortunately, any items deleted from Recently Played on the desktop version will not be removed from the mobile apps.

That’s all we’ve got to offer in fear of helping you clear out your recently played items. In the Spotify mobile app, go to Settings > Storage > Delete cache, although this hasn’t proven to be a successful solution.

How can I delete the most recently played music on Spotify?

Unlike regular playlists and favorite songs, the “last heard” list on Spotify cannot be deleted in the desktop version on PC and Mac or on Android and iOS. The most recently played music history is automatically created and cannot be reset or removed.

The only option here is to simply listen to other songs, and the music you listen to will eventually disappear from the list. The songs that have been played recently are minimal.

Unfortunately, we have terrible news: you cannot disable the “Last Heard” history at this time. Because many Spotify app users want a setting option for the “last heard” display, A reset or deactivation mechanism should be available soon from the app’s developers.

However, as explained, this is not feasible in either the desktop client or the Spotify app for iPhone or Android phones.

How can I clear the history on Spotify?

Unlike the songs you’ve recently listened to, you may remove your Spotify history, specifically your most recent searches.

Start Spotify on your computer or mobile device and enter a search term in the search field.

Searches made in the last several days will now appear in a list with an X next to them.

You can erase individual items by clicking the X sign, and you can clear the entire history by clicking “Delete recent searches.”

This website will, of course, be updated as soon as new developments occur in the subject matter. And you can delete or deactivate the list of the most recently heard songs.

How can I delete Spotify’s history on a PC?

Spotify’s desktop client remembers your last ten search phrases and displays them with each new search. At any point, you can delete your history:

To do so, launch Spotify on your PC and enter your search term in the search field above.

Then, in the drop-down option, select “Delete recent searches.”

Tip: If you don’t want Spotify to save any of your searches, you can use private mode.

How can I clear my search history in web players and apps?

By default, the history of Spotify search queries is only maintained on the device from which the search was performed. The list of songs last listened to, or the search history on smartphones and PCs can differ. The iPhone or Android smartphone can be used to rapidly erase the entries.

First, launch the Spotify app and then press on the search symbol to clear the search history. The Last Searches section now appears, listing the most recently accessed songs, artists, or playlists via the search.

When you tap the “X” next to an entry, it will be removed from the history. On the other hand, if you choose the “Delete the most recent search results” button, your complete search history will be erased. This method is compatible with both iOS and Android cellphones.

The history of the tracks last heard on the PC can also be swiftly wiped. It should be noted that this course may differ from the app version. Clearing the history of the Windows Spotify app is the simplest way to do it.

To do so, launch the app on your Windows PC and select the search field in the upper right corner. You will now see a history of the searches you have recently selected. Individual entries can be erased by hitting the X icon here.

By selecting “Delete recent searches,” you can clear the whole history.

A slightly different method is required for the Spotify web player and smartphone apps for iOS and Android:

Start the relevant app and pick the “Search” option on the left. With smartphone apps, you may need to open the menu by tapping the three horizontal bars symbol.

Then, scroll down and tap “Switch recent searches.”

To delete a specific search query, hit the X icon next to the relevant entry.

Commonly asked questions

What exactly is Spotify?

There are podcast listeners who rely on Spotify, the largest and most popular music streaming service in the world. As an app for PCs, Apple, and Android mobile phones and tablets, it attracts millions and millions of unique users every day from all around the world.

What exactly is Spotify’s ‘Recently Played’ feature?

As soon as you open Spotify, it remembers all of the music you’ve previously listened to, making it easy to get back into the album or playlist you couldn’t stop listening to. The ‘Recently Played’ section, though, can be unpleasant at times, especially if you get stuck in a rut of listening to the same song over and over again. It is essential to know how to delete Spotify’s recently played playlists if you find yourself in this situation.

Can I retrieve a ‘Recently Played’ list that I unintentionally deleted?

No, after you clean the data associated with your Recently Played, this list will be permanently deleted, but only on the desktop app. However, as soon as you begin listening to new songs, Spotify will re-populate the playlist.

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