How Do I Unblock a Venmo User?

Even if so many people are not enamored with visible cash transfers, it is clear that Venmo is experiencing massive growth and is on track to handle even more transactions in the coming years. Paypal recently disclosed that it had approximately forty million active Venmo users last year, indicating that this is no laughing matter.

Even though Venmo has made it easier to send money to friends, it can be too transparent at times. So it is nice to know that you can change some privacy settings and that your online presence and payment history aren’t visible to everyone, except that you intend it to happen.

How Do I Block Venmo Users?

  1. Select the three lines icon.
  2. “Search People” will be displayed.
  3. Navigate to a user’s profile page.
  4. Click the three-circle icon at the top and right corner.
  5. When you click “Block,” it turns red.

Be aware that you will be needed to log out and restart the application for the changes to take effect.

Effect of Blocking Someone on Venmo?

When you block someone on Venmo, they are no longer visible to you in the app. They will no longer be visible in your network. When you search for their names, no results are returned.

Everything described above will also occur when a user deletes their Venmo account. There will be no names in search results so that no one will send or receive money from them.

Furthermore, the person you blocked will be unable to search for your account information. They will be unable to send or receive payments from you.

And the person will not receive an alert informing them that you have blocked them. Some of them may believe you deleted your account.

To find out if anyone blocks you, you must use a different Venmo account.

This means that two Venmo users cannot block each other. Except that before logging out, the two initiated an account block.

How Do I Unblock Venmo Users?

Assume you made a mistake or hurriedly blocked a Venmo user after a heated argument. Unblocking the person is possible if the individual still has a valid account.

  1. Select the three lines icon.
  2. Swipe down and press the “Settings” button.
  3. Select “Privacy.”
  4. “Blocked Users” should be selected.
  5. Select a user.
  6. Click the three-dot icon in upper right corner to open a menu.
  7. To confirm, click “Unblock” twice.

Be aware that adding the person to your friend’s list will need to be done again for things to return to normal.



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