May 26, 2022

How to Get Clans’ Clash of League Medals

Clans used to fight for supremacy in the old days, and Clash expands on that concept. Clan War Leagues allow players to represent their clans in battle and compete for victory. There are numerous rewards available, such as League Medals, but how do you obtain them?

You must participate in Clan Wars Leagues to obtain League Medals. League medals are a significant currency to spend on valuable items. Continue reading to learn more about this valuable reward.

The requirement

In order to get league medals, there are only two requirements. The first is to be a clan member, while the second is eligible for the Clan War League.

If you are a clan member and your clan leader chooses you for battle, you can compete in the War Leagues or the Champion Leagues, depending on your clan’s rank. Before this, the clan leader or co-leader must register for the War Leagues within two days of the start date.

At least 15 players are required to participate, though all 50 members of a clan can fight. You will not receive any league medals if you are not on the roster.

Clan War League Fundamentals

Clans that compete in the regular War Leagues or Champion Leagues will face off against seven other clans from the same league. Each clan will fight in a single war for eight days, allowing clans to fight once.

The Clan Leader chooses the roster and instructs members to prepare for war on the first day. Every player will only receive one attack per day, but double loot yields will compensate for this.

Clans will either stay, be promoted, or be demoted to other leagues. The outcome is determined by how well a clan performs compared to other clans in the same league.

The higher a Clan’s rank, the more stars it has. Excellent rankings can result in promotion to a more competitive League.

Acquiring League Medals

After the fighting is over, every player on the clan’s War League roster will receive League Medals. The number of medals they earn is determined by the clan’s performance, individual performance, and bonuses.

Even if a player leaves the clan in the middle of a league, they are still eligible for league medals. They can even receive bonuses if the clan leader decides to do so.

The more Stars a player obtains, the more League Medals they receive from the war. When you reach more than eight Stars, you will receive 100% rewards.

After eight days of combat, the clan leader or co-leader awards bonus league medals to certain players; they have 21 days to decide who gets these extra medals and send out all bonuses simultaneously.

When the leaders distribute bonuses, all Clan members can check the Clan chat to see who will receive them.

Shop for League Medals

When you have accumulated enough League Medals, you can return to the Home Village shop. You will be able to spend them in a separate section. The following are the rewards:

  • 2,000,000 gold pieces for 25 League medals
  • 2,500,000 Elixir in exchange for 25 League Medals
  • 10 League Medals Training Potion
  • 10 League Medals Resource Potion
  • Potion for 20 League Medals Research
  • 30 League Medals for a Builder Potion
  • 10x League Medal Wall Ring for 50 League Medals
  • Fighting for 120 League Medals with a Hammer
  • Building Hammer for 120 League Medals
  • For 120 League Medals, use the Hammer of Spells.
  • Heroes’ Hammer for 165 League Medals
  • The 100 League Medal Warrior Statue
  • The 250 League Medal Challenger Statue
  • The 500 League Medals Contender Statue
  • The 1,000 League Medal Master Statue
  • The 2,000 League Medal Champion Statue

Some rewards require you to fulfill additional requirements before exchanging League Medals for them. If you see something specific, make sure to read the details.

We Are the Most Powerful Clan

You and other Clan members can earn League Medals after proving your superiority in the War League or Champion League. The items you can purchase with them may be functional or purely decorative. In any case, the lengthy and arduous battles are well worth it.

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