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How to unmatch on Tinder


Feb 13, 2022

If you have matched with someone on Tinder but don’t want to continue the relationship, you can unmatch them. This removes that individual from your profile.

Why Unmatch Someone on Tinder?

The common reason for unmatching someone is that you do not want to continue your conversation with that person. It’s also possible that a matched profile represents a suspicious user. Unmatching them removes them from your profile and prevents further messages from being sent to you.

You may also have been matched with someone by mistake (maybe you swiped right on a profile without checking it out first.). Unmatching the shape will undo your action in this case.

Unmatch a person on Tinder.

The Tinder app opens on your iPhone or Android device. Tap the message icon in the bottom bar (the third icon in the row).

Select the user you want to unmatch from the messages screen that appears.

Your conversation with that user will begin. Click on the shield icon in the top-right corner of this screen.

The “Safety Toolkit” menu will now appear. Choose “Unmatch Only” from the drop-down menu.

If you want to unmatch and report someone (because you suspect they’re a suspicious user), select “Report & Unmatch.”

In the prompt that appears, tap “Yes, Unmatch.”

And you’re done. Your chosen user is now unmatched, and you can no longer communicate with each other.

While you’re at it, block that person on all of your social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram. It’s also simple to secure people on these social networks.

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