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How to Change the Colour of a Page in Google Docs


Feb 17, 2022

Each page in a Google Docs document typically has a white background. If you want to change a page’s colour in Google Docs, go to the page settings menu. This is how.

To begin, open an existing Google Docs document or create a new one to work on. In the open document, your page access settings menu goes to File > Page Setup.

Select a new page colour by clicking the circular “Page Colour” icon in the “Page Setup” box that appears.

It opens a drop-down menu with a selection of pre-set colours.

Click on one of these colour options to make your page colour, or click the “+” icon at the bottom to make your own (under the “Custom” label).

You can enter a hex colour code (for example, #000000 for black) or use the colour matching tool to find the colour and shade you want in the custom colour menu.

Move the “Hue” bar on the bottom to choose a primary or secondary colour, then select a shade using the colour matching tool above.

Once you have found the colour you want to use, click “OK.”

Once you’ve decided on a colour for your page, click the “OK” button in the “Page Setup” menu to apply it into your document.

This will make the change appear on all pages of your document.

Unfortunately, different colours cannot apply to separate pages in a Google Docs document. To achieve the same effect, spread your content across multiple Google Docs files and change the page colour for each paper separately.

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