Best Gaming PC Under 50000

Best Gaming PC Under 50000. if you want to buy a gaming PC and your range is about 50000 then I can tell you which gaming PC is best for you which processor and which graphic card you need to fit in your PC.

so firstly you have to buy a processor which is Xeon E5 first gen this is one of the best games in a processor in this range. because you want to buy core i5 then I wanna E5 to be better than core i5 for any generation and the processor Xeon E5 is compatible be the core i7 3rd Generation so this is one of the scanning processors that you have to buy in this engine.

the best Graphic card you need for gaming in this range is the quadroon 4000. this is not enough going to but it is better for gaming. and the other thing is that you have to buy two 8 GB RAMs which means that you have 16 GB RAM which is more than enough for every game.

you have to buy a 128 GB SSD and 528 GB HDD which is enough space for you and also gives speed to your PC up to a high level. this is one of the best gaming PC which I covered in this article if your range is 50000 then you must have to buy all the things that I discussed above and place them on your PC this can also help you to do 4k rendering and also very good for lifestreaming.

if you are aunties more than 50000 you can buy better PC dances this is only for those whose range is 50000 and another thing is that this also gives you 2k resolution which gives you best performance.

Key Specs

Operating System Windows 10 Home
CPU Intel Core i5-3rd Gen
GPU GTX 750 Ti 2GB
RAM 8GB 1600Mhz DDR3
Storage 120GB SSD + 500GB HDD
Motherboard H61 Motherboard

Graphics Card

Model GTX 750 Ti
Chipset Manufacturer Nvidia
Video Memory 2GB

Storage SSD

Storage Type SSD
Capacity 120 GB
Write Speed 500 MB/s (May Vary)
Read Speed 435MB/s (May Vary)

Storage HDD

Storage Type HDD
Capacity 500GB
RPM 7200 rpm (May Vary)
SATA 6 Gb/s (May Vary)
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