the best gaming and best business laptop

now we will discuss the best gaming and best business laptop in the marketing so you not there are many laptops in the market and use amount of laptop is available in the market but no that I am there I 7 5th generation is the best laptop in the market according to their feature this laptop is used in business and gaming and another purpose.

in this laptop there is a slim and smart laptop if we talk about its LCD so its LCD is slim and smart it’s which is 0.5 inches and it is in IPS panel and it is very good and all the width of laptop round about 1.2 inches because this is very slim and smart there are good processor adjust in this.

if you like games so you are the best laptop at now time is I 7 5th generation because in this laptop the battery timing is 2 hour Plus because in this laptop there is lithium battery adjust and there are two batteries adjust in this laptop and its battery timing is very good and its charger is also good to full his battery.

if we talk about their keyboard so its keyboard is very good and there is a small button adjust in the center of the keyboards we use as a mouse this button in our laptop and their touchpad is very smooth.

this price is in the market available in second hand is round about 40 k to 50k if you buy it simply with 4GB hard and simple 350 hard so you want to buy it in 40k and if you want to buy it in lithium battery with double and 4GB RAM with 320 SSD hours so it gets you in a roundabout 48k to 50k.

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